The Russian manufacturer of paintwork materials for industrial use. The enterprise was founded in 2012. BASA is a full-cycle company, since it is engaged in research, development, production, supply and supporting of paintwork materials.

The range of produced materials includes anti-corrosion coatings for the protection of metal and concrete structures in machine engineering, infrastructure facilities, painting of vehicles, etc.


Today, the image of a reliable manufacturer, the innovative approach to the development of product formulations, conscientious fulfillment of obligations to the customer and customer-centeredness make BASA a valuable partner for any buyer of paintwork materials. Our priorities are to reduce customer costs and increase safety when using PMs.

The BASA quality management system complies with the ISO 9001 standard, and as for the development, production and sale of PMs for railway transport and railway infrastructure facilities it complies with the requirements of the International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS).

Simultaneously with the production of PMs, our company is the distributor of the painting equipment manufactured by Carlisle Fluid Technology (Binks, DeVilbiss, Ransburg brands), which is the world leader in the creation of innovative technology of PMs application, which allows us to implement complex painting process solutions.


BASA is the preferred supplier of PMs and coatings for many Russian enterprises. This has been advanced through the ideology of the company and its desire to become the best partner in the field of PMs industry.

At the basis of the BASA's ideology is a complex joint work with consumers - the supply of PMs and painting equipment, technical advice, control of painting works. The company has a technical support center that ensures prompt response to customer requests. Particular attention is paid to optimizing of the painting process and economic efficiency. This approach to work allows our company to become a reliable partner for consumers of PMs.


BASA has a modern research laboratory, activities of which are aimed at achieving special results. Fundamental priorities in the research activities of our laboratory are as follows:


High quality of works on manufacturing, application and testing of BASA's and other manufacturer's materials


Assessment of conformity of indicators to the established requirements


Obtaining reliable information about the quality and safety of products


Providing operational and highly qualified technical support to our customers


Highly qualified specialists of our laboratory and a long list of modern equipment provide high quality control of the manufactured products and raw materials used. The company's laboratory will provide professional solutions for testing all types of PMs, raw materials, coating application methods.

the scope of our research laboratory includes:
  1. Testing and assessment of the resistance of coatings to various climatic factors and aggressive environments
  2. Determination of adhesion, impact strength, hiding power, viscosity, degree of grinding, mass and volume non-volatile matter content, flow limit, drying time and other many technological, physical and mechanical strength properties of PMs and coatings
  3. Exploration of the influence of various additives, modifiers, binding agents, fillers on the quality of PMs and coatings
  4. Development of new and improvement of existing Company's product formulations
  5. Identification of defects in the coating, revealing the causes and methods of their elimination

When developing and implementing new materials, the BASA laboratory works in cooperation with the best Russian and foreign producers of raw materials for the paintwork industry, as well as with leading industry institutes.

Our painting systems have been successfully tested and certified by JSC VNIIZhT, OJSC RosNITI, JSC TSNIIS, NIIZhB. BASA paintwork materials are included in the list of innovative technologies recommended for public procurement in the transport complex of the Ministry of Transport of Russia.


The FRA approved the Company's standards (STO)
The FRA approved the Company's standards (STO)
The Federal Road Agency approved BASA STO "Anti-corrosion protection of reinforced concrete structures in transport construction with paintwork materials manufactured by BASA. Typical technologic...
Successfully passed the tests
Successfully passed the tests
BASA paintwork materials have successfully passed the tests in the Concrete and Reinforced Concrete Research Institute (NIIZhB) named after Gvozdev.
Recognition of innovation
Recognition of innovation
The BASA-CONCRETE painting system is recognized as an innovation by the Ministry of Transport of Russia