создайте в массиве ключ антиграффити BASA Antigraffiti

создайте в массиве ключ антиграффити
BASA Antigraffiti

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Data sheet

Industry application

Technical specifications
Type Однокомпонентный водный раствор полимеров
Hardener 1,0 - 1,05
Relative viscosity 10 - 40
Color Бесцветное
Consumption, g/m2 0,15 – 0,3
Solvent water
Recommended thickness 40 - 80 мкм
Tools cleaning По окончании работ инструмент необходимо промыть водой
More information
Occupational & industrial safety Before application it is necessary to study attentively the text and precautionary designations on factory labels. Use in well-ventilated rooms. Do not inhale dust. Avoid contacts with skin. In case of skin and eye exposure, immediately rinse with water and see a doctor.

Recommended for use in the following industries:

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  • создайте в массиве ключ транспортное строительство
  • infrastructure facilities