primer Gruntovka GF-021

Gruntovka GF-021

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Data sheet

Paint systems

Industry application

Relative viscosity 45 сек
Resistance of the film to static effect of water at a temperature of 20°C not less than 12 hours 72
Color Красно-коричневый, оттенок не нормируется
Glossiness матовая
Solvent water
Surface preparation Поверхность должна быть обезжиренной, сухой и чистой без масляных загрязнений, минеральных солей, грязи, пыли, инея и наледи. Рекомендуется механическая подготовка до степени St3 по стандарту ISO-8501-1.
More information
Occupational & industrial safety Before application it is necessary to study attentively the text and precautionary designations on factory labels. Use in well-ventilated rooms. Do not inhale dust. Avoid contacts with skin. In case of skin and eye exposure, immediately rinse with water and see a doctor.


Recommended for use in the following industries:

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