primer BASA VD-AK-0150


Water-diluting, one-component, fast-drying acrylic primer for anti-corrosion protection of steel surfaces.
Water-dispersive anti-corrosion primer based on polyacrylatic resin. It is intended for anti-corrosion protection of metal surfaces (including freight wagons). It is recommended to use it in the system consisting of one layer of VD-AK-0150 Primer and one layer of VD-AK-654 Enamel. The primer is fire-explosion-proof, it does not contain VOC.

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Data sheet

Paint systems

Industry application

Technical specifications
Type Water-dispersive, one-component, fast-drying acrylic primer containing active anti-corrosion pigments.
Color Maroon
Glossiness Matt
Consumption, g/m2 300
Solvent Water
Way of application Airless spraying, combined or pneumatic spraying, with a brush, roller.
Drying time: Thickness of dry film is 40 µm:
+20ºC to degree 3 ("touch dry") - 1 hour.
+60ºC to degree 3 ("touch dry") - 0.5 hour.
Recommended thickness dry film: 40 - 50 µm
wet film: 100 - 130 µm
Ability to pass moisture At least 48% by mass
Instruction for use
Conditions of applying The surface should be dry.
When applying and hardening of the paint, the air temperature shouldn't fall below +5ºС.
Relative humidity of air should be 20-80%.
Temperature of a surface should be at least 3ºС higher than an air dew point.
Surface preparation Remove from the surface with the corresponding method oils, lubricants, salts and mechanical dirt (ISO 12944-4).
Steel surface: Treatment by abrasive blast cleaning to degree of Sa2½ (ISO 8501-1).
If abrasive blast cleaning is excluded, it is recommended to make thorough degreasing up to Degree 1 in accordance with GOST 9.402-2004.
Method of application By spray. Depending on the method of application, if necessary, dilute the base coat with water up to 5% by weight.
Recommended paint systems Система окраски по металлу ВД-АК-0150, ВД-АК-654
Tools cleaning When finished, the paint equipment and tools should be washed out with water.
Base-line of VOC for the product in the EU It does not contain volatile organic compounds
Storage 18 months (at a temperature from +5 up to +30ºC).


Recommended for use in the following industries:

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