Water-dispersive primer, based on polyacrylic resin, elastic, for exterior and interior works, used against microcracks, for long-term anti-corrosion protection of reinforced concrete structures of transport facilities and other mineral surfaces.
One-component elastic primer for exterior and interior work based on polyacrylic resin. It features an exceptional adhesion to the surface. Deeply penetrates into the substrate and fills all pores and microcracks in the concrete. Contains functional additives, providing protection against concrete destruction. Does not contain toxic components.

  • Paint systems
  • Industry application

Paint systems

Industry application

Paint system BASA-CONCRETE

Production name Thickness, mkm
Primer VD-AK-0125 80-120
Paint VD-AK-116 80-120
Total thickness 160-240

Recommended for use in the following industries:

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  • infrastructure facilities

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The Scientific Research Institute of Transport Construction was established in 1935, in 1993 it was transformed into a joint-stock company.
All these years, ZNIIS JSC provides reliability and security of construction and operation of complex and unique facilities.
The standard of the Institute is absence of complaints and unconditional fulfillment of obligations. That's why a significant part of our customers cooperate with ZNIIS JSC for years and decades. Since 2002 it has been accredited by TÜV (Germany) in accordance with ISO 9001 standard.
The institute has specialized laboratories and professionals in the field of certification of new building materials, corrosion protection, vibration protection, calculations and physical modeling of complex structures, testing of materials and structures.

NIIZHB "Research Institute of Concrete"

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Research Institute of Concrete and Reinforced Concrete (NIIZHB) named after A.A. Gvozdev – is the largest in Russia field-oriented institute of the construction sector with long-standing scientific traditions and own scientific schools.
For many years, scientists and engineers of NIIZHB ⁠named after A. A. Gvozdev have successfully worked with current issues of concrete and reinforced concrete theory, durability and reliability of concrete and reinforced concrete structures, created new types of concrete, reinforcement, and materials for fabrication of high-quality concretes, elaborated prefabricated and in-situ reinforced concrete structures in compliance with the modern construction requirements, efficient architectural and construction systems, computer design methods for concretes, concrete and reinforced concrete structures, technologies and equipment for their fabrication, and coordinated research work in these fields.