Alkyd-urethane base coat for painting of metal and mineral surfaces, operated in urban and industrial environments.
BASA AU-164 Base Coat is a fast-drying, one-component urethane coating on the alkyd base containing anti-corrosion pigments. Features excellent gloss and color retention under the influence of atmospheric and climatic conditions. Used for painting metallic and non-metallic surfaces of industrial construction. Due to the use of anti-corrosion pigments it can be used as an independent coating.

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Data sheet

Industry application

Technical specifications
Type Fast-drying, thick-layer primer / top coat on the basis of modified alkyl one with the addition of weather- and chemical resistant functional components.
Hardener 1,2
Relative viscosity at a temperature of 20±2°С by the VZ-246 viscometer with a nozzle diameter 4 mm, sec 45
Ability to pass moisture Vapor-permeable
Non-volatile matter content, not less % 60±2
Color As per RAL catalogue
Glossiness Semi-glossy or semi-matt upon request (ISO 2813/60º)
Consumption, g/m2 145,0
Solvent xilene
Way of application Pneumatic,
Airless spraying,
Brush, roller
Instruction for use
Conditions of applying Temperature of air, the painted surface and primer shouldn't be lower than +5ºС.
Temperature of a surface should be at least 3ºС higher than an air dew point.
Relative humidity of air should be about 85%.
Surface preparation Metal surfaces should be cleaned to the St 2 degree according to ISO 8501-1.2007, degreased with the R-4 or R-5 solvents.
Method of application Температура поверхности при нанесении должна быть по крайней мере на 3⁰С выше точки росы воздуха.
Температура и относительная влажность измеряются непосредственно вблизи поверхности.
В замкнутых пространствах необходимо обеспечить хорошую вентиляцию для правильного высыхания покрытия.
Recommended paint systems Система окраски по металлу и бетону АУ-164
Tools cleaning Upon work completion, the painting equipment and tools should be washed out.
More information
Occupational & industrial safety Before application it is necessary to study attentively the text and precautionary designations on factory labels.
Do not inhale dust. Avoid contacts with skin.
In case of skin and eye exposure, immediately rinse with water and see a doctor.
Storage Base coat should be stored and transported at a temperature not less than minus 10ºС and not higher than plus 30ºС.
Base coat should be stored in the dry, cool, well-ventilated room, away from heat sources.
Package containing hardener should be tightly closed.
Do not allow freezing during transporting and storage.
Shelf life is not less than 12 months.
Metal euro-bucket 20L. Packaging can vary according to the extent of delivery.

There are recommendations for use and conclusions:


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